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Infinite Challenge and Creative Passion >Daegu Special Metal is a leading dashboard and control panel manufacturer in Korea.

Research and Development

We will have global competitiveness through constant research and development.

Industrial Property Right

No. Patent/Program Name Registration Date (Year/Month/Date) Registration No. Note
1 Label 2003.07.16 0392912
2 Electrical and electronics appliance control panel 2003.05.02 0384227
3 Luminous flat display device polymer plate and manufacturing method 2005.07.14 10-0503370
4 Flat display device functional polymer film and the manufacturing method 2006.03.24 10-0566389
5 Mobile phone functional window and the manufacturing method thereof 2006.09.20 10-0628806
6 Product interior and exterior materials, and the manufacturing method thereof 2007.06.20 10-0732369
7 Decoration design pattern forming method for resin injection–molded articles 2015.10.07 10-0146438
8 Manufacturing method for the insert panel with a button unit 2015.04.27 10-0116572
9 Half-mirror transparent vehicle cluster manufacturing method and the screen printing ink thereof 2016.07.15 10-1641551
10 Half-mirror transparent cluster panel 2016.10.12 10-1667387
11 Manufacturing method for the cluster panel with resin decoration patterns 2015.06.12 1020150083587
12 Plastic film cutting press knife mold to prevent burr and the manufacturing method thereof 2016.01.16 10-2016-0005584
13 Hybrid convergence printing–applied film insert automotive parts and the manufacturing method thereof 2016.01.15 10-2016-0005274

Research Thesis

No. Thesis Title Name of the Society Publication Date
1 Case Studies on the Applications of Conformal Cooling Channel Based on DMT Technology Korean Society of Manufacturing Process Engineers 2015.6
2 Flow Analysis and Evaluation for the Development of Automobile Interior Materials Using Film Insert Injection Molding Korean Society for Precision Engineering 2015.5
3 A Study on the Manufacturing of the Injection Mold for a Wheel-Hub Cap Using 3-D Printing Korean Society of Manufacturing Technology Engineers 2014.4
4 The Effect of Wash-out on the Film Inmold (FIM) Injection Molding Process Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers 2011.6

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