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Infinite Challenge and Creative Passion Daegu Special Metal is a leading dashboard and control panel manufacturer in Korea.

About Us

A creative and competitive company that jumps up to become a leading global company
1970. 11. Established Daegu Special Metal
1978. 05. Started business with TC Electronics
1980. 01. Started business with Orion Electronic
1985. 04. Started business for cookers and rotating machines with LG Electronics Changwon
1985. 10. Started business with Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant
1986. 05. Moved to a larger plant to 7L, 35B, Seongseo Industrial Complex 1, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
1990. 05. Built a computer network (computerized working site and office work)
1996. 12. Domestically developed insert inmolds and started mass-production
1998. 09. Selected as an ACE company of the OBU partners of the LG Electronic Washing Machine
2001. 08. Obtained the ISO 9001 / QS-9000 certification (Korea Standards Association)
2001. 08. Established an EMD research institute
2003. 06. Selected as an outstanding enterprise by the Korea Technology Finance Corporation
2003. 07. Selected as the best company of the Daegu–Gyeongbuk consortium
2003. 09. Received a prime minister citation at the Innovative Technology Show
2003. 09. Awarded as an Exemplary Small and Medium Business by the Daegu–Gyeongbuk Regional Small and Medium Business Administration
2004. 06. Received the TPM Production Innovation Award by the Korea Standards Association
2004. 07. Received the Supplier of the Year award by HMC Mobis
2004. 11. Received the Presidential Prize (Production Innovation Award) at the 30th Korea National Quality Award
2005. 07. Obtained the ISO 14001 certification (Environmental Management System) by the Korea Standards Association
2005. 08. Obtained the ISO/TS 16949 certification (Quality Management System) by the BSI
2005. 11. Received the Silver Tower of the Order of Industrial Service Merit
2005. 11. 전국 품질분임조 경진대회 은상 수상(기업체상)
2006. 03. 국세청40주년 및 납세자의 날 기념 성실납세자 중앙 정부 국세청장표창 수상
2006. 05. 클러스터 계기판 전용라인 증축
2009. 06. 대구광역시 스타기업 선정
2010. 12. 대구광역시 중소기업대상 우수상 수상
2016. 05. 2016 글로벌 강소기업 선정
2016. 07. 대구광역시 스타기업 100 선정
Address: Seongseo Industrial Complex 5, 69, Secheon-ro 3-gil, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu / Contact: 053-583-0115~7   FAX: 053-583-3347
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