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Infinite Challenge and Creative Passion >Daegu Special Metal is a leading dashboard and control panel manufacturer in Korea.

Research and Development

We will have global competitiveness through constant research and development.

Our Research Institute constantly serves as the “heart” of Daegu Special Metal.

We have skilled researchers with specialized knowledge and competence in the surface treatment field, and will continue to pursue research and development based on advanced facilities and systems.
We aim to develop the world’s leading technologies and products, and accelerate to develop a hybrid
convergence technology for vehicle interior and exterior decorations, and home appliances.
  • Technical Research Institute

  • Starting Room

  • Laboratory

Daegu Special Metal Technical Research Institute Vision

Build a global automotive part research and development center
Secure advanced technologies for high-tech screen printing
Launch a new business by developing new technologies and products
Achieve to become a world-class company through creative technical development
Medium-and Long-Term

Organizational Chart

Advanced Development Team
Parts Development Team
Process Technology Team
Technical Planning
New Product Development
Automobiles (Mass Production)
Home Appliances (Mass Production)
Manufacturing Process Automation
Process Technology
  • Research Institute (Medium- and Long-Term)
  • Development Plan
    Annual Business Plan
    Technical Road Map
    Patent, Technical Information
    and Result Management
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Technical Trend Analysis
  • New Material / New Technology Development
    New Product Development
  • Automotive OEM Parts Development
  • Development Feasibility Review
  • Process Development Construction
  • Customer Event Support
  • Development Quality Promotion
  • Home Appliance OEM Parts Development
  • Development Feasibility Review
  • Process Development Construction
  • Customer Event Support
  • Development Quality Promotion
  • Production Line Automation
  • New Manufacturing Method Development
  • Process Configuration
Printing Technology Development
Printing / Pressure Forming
Color Matching


Equipment/Facility Name Year Size Use Note
3-D measuring machine 2017 900*1500*200 Inspects the dimension
Film transmission densitometer 2016 7*18*5 Measures the film concentration value
Large 2-D video metadata 2016 500*600 Measures the dimension
Gloss meter 2014 155*48*73 Measures the surface gloss value
Digital microscope 2014 417*154*343 Enlarges and analyzes surfaces
ED-XRF 2013 520*606*435 Detects harmful substances
FKS forming machine 2012 3500*2000 Forming
Color-difference meter 2011 69*96*193 Measures the color difference
Semiautomatic screen printer 2010 1000*1520 Printing
Spectroradiometer 2009 160*164*192 Measures the lighting luminance value
BOX OVEN 2006 3500*1400 Drying
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